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"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it"


     Thank you for visiting U.S. ROOM GERMANY, a private educational and political independent website, dedicated to the United States of America and to everyone who defends our Constitution at home and abroad as well as for those who support the American march on freedom and liberty. Moreover, it is a contribution to the deep American German bond of friendship. The goal of this digital American space is to provide cultural information about the U.S. and to promote American virtues and values.  U.S. ROOM GERMANY is a website that has every faith in a better generation of mankind due to the right education. Also, it serves as a digital space, helping to gain an insight into noble and patriotic American ideas. Among common German people, the appreciation for American achievements after World War II and the appeal to American values stays unbreakable. US ROOM GERMANY appreciates the understanding for what it means to be an American and the support of those who share the same values. It goes without saying that hate and bigotry have no space in modern western societies.


U.S. ROOM GERMANY provides for each section an English description. Interested in traveling to Germany?  "Travel Germany" provides a brief historical overview on German history and introduces popular destinations.