US-PD - This historical proclamation should not only be valid for Super Bowl´s Sunday
US-PD - This historical proclamation should not only be valid for Super Bowl´s Sunday

I have always believed it goes without saying that any country- loving American stands for Old Glory, no matter which political opinion that citizen may share.


Whereas, our great country provides many legal ways to express disagreement about any form of racism, or oppression because of race or gender, it should not be done by refusing to stand for our National Anthem.


Here are the reasons:


The National Anthem is a direct reference to Old Glory, a symbol of our progression, and our steady dedication to form a more perfect union. It does not, and has never been, representing injustices, social imbalances, or any form of inhumanity (which surely can be found across the nation). It represents the very basic belief in America itself. It represents the armed man and woman who fight for our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness every day. It represents every seed of freedom, liberty, and humanity which can be found in every compelling chapter of American history. It reminds us how the first American flag was used to distinguish ourselves from Europeans, and their oppression towards their colonies. It reminds us how the largest American flag of our nation stood strong against the attack on Fort Mc. Henry in 1814. It reminds us that each one of us has the honor to write American history for future generations to come, by asking oneself what good deed could be done today. It reminds us of our rights, which can be found in the Declaration of Independence, and of all the men and women who gave their blood for our liberties.


No one can doubt that our celebrities in sports do not love their country. I am convinced that they are patriots like you and me, but it is a wrong signal as a role model (who they are) for our children and our society if they refuse to stand. Not only did celebrities refuse to stand for the National Anthem, but also common citizens like you and me. If you think that this is an appropriate way to show your disagreement to injustice, you are simply wrong since you disgrace your fellow citizens who believe in the promise of America. There are millions of Americans and legal residents, who believe in the American flag as a "living thing" as stated in our U.S. Flag Code, and there are millions of Americans who still believe in the American Dream, and future generations to come.


Even if you are affected by current policies, you should stand for the flag. Here are  some more reasons:


The flag is a symbol of hope, here at home and abroad. It can be seen as an individual guide towards future. Refusing to honor our National Anthem, and therefore, our flag, may be your Constitutional right BUT if you decide to do so, you trample all over our forefather's achievements.


Therefore, ask yourself the next time if you really want to refuse to stand - people who may look up to you are watching.