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A M E R I C A  F I R S T

"There's a feeling comes a-stealing, and it sets my brain a-reeling,

when Im list'ning to the music of a military band.

Any tune like Yankee Doodle simply sets me off my noodle.

It's that patriotic something that noone can understand."


     Webster defines the term nationalism as "loyalty and devotion to a nation." Unfortunately, today the word is often associated with racist ideologies, and it is a word that means different things to different people. This fact roots in a negative connotation of the term during the 20th century across Europe. However, the meaning of American Nationalism can be seen as the strongest attachment to the United States, and for which the country and our flag stand for: "One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all".

     Therefore, do not mistake American Nationalism with Nationalism as known from other countries. Already some of our founding fathers, those who were Federalists, called themselves "Nationalists". Going against American virtues and values which derived from the founding documents would be high treason, and should be punished as such! How can every American take part in U.S. Nationalism? I would start with The Pledge of Allegiance as a citizen's duty. True American Nationalism expresses the inclusion of every U.S. citizen of every background who shares common American values. It is a person's loyalty to these values and traditions while at the same time a patriotic appeal for national unity and pride across racial and ethnic lines, no matter who our current leader may be. Trump repeatedly outlined his belief in a nation of people unified by American values, traditions, and common history. There is nothing wrong with U.S. Nationalism if we consider the fact that we worship God and nation in America instead of a government, or a single person, as it is the case in other nations. According to Yoram Hazony ("The virtue of Nationalism"), it is an awareness that there are many other traditions out there in the world, similarly beautiful, but which are not our own. U.S. Nationalism allows freedom-loving people from all over the world to join this great nation if they love America. It seeks to inspire and to uplift. Furthermore, U.S. Nationalism seeks to restore our national narrative. If we are united by shared beliefs, we can only benefit from it. Again, true American Nationalism is all about the democratic principles our country stands for. It is about the unity of this great American family. Everything else would be, as mentioned already, high treason! Consequently, it is not about the color of your skin, your gender, sexuality or the political party you may support. The goal is the same! Free yourself and live up your dreams instead of living the dream of someone else as done in autocratic states. Those people seek attention and applause. However, if we acclaim our leader, we acclaim at the same time ourselves. Besides economic reasons, America First as defined by common people from every corner of the nation and of every background can be seen as a synonym for American Nationalism. It draws a fine line to the evil part of Nationalism, known from other places in the world. No matter what they say, also a MAGA hat is neither a symbol of hate nor about a single person, wear that hat with pride! It is about a timeless idea our nation stands for, Liberty! It is about U S. and the United States. It is about defending these noble principles to the maximum extent possible. It is about teaching values and virtues. It is about believing in the future and an even more perfect union. As Reagan said already: "We are Americans, therefore, act worthy of yourself!"


"T H E  G U Y"