Every artist was first an amateur

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Create a folder including an individual, interesting and creative cover sheet. Your cover sheet may include the following points:


-> the teaching subject (Portfolio: English)

-->Your name

---> A meaningful quote of your choice (said or written by an American, Australian, Briton, Canadian etc.)

Your portfolio has one category that is called: "Outline of my English" , which gives the reader an overview about all grammar and speaking skills you are acquainted with. 


In the second place you create another category that is called: "Language competence progression". File all questionnaires and documents concerning learning strategies into this category. "Language competence progression" may help you to reflect on your own skills.


In the next place you create the third and by far most important category of your portfolio: "The dossier". You collect all of your personal work here.


Last but not least you create the fourth section which is called "Draft".

Your teacher may help you to get started with your portfolio until you are able to use it independently.

"Portfolio' a definition: a portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that tells the story of a student's personal self and a student's achievement or growth characterized by strong vision of content, skills and processes addressed, built on student selection of work going in and referenced to criteria. Portfolios may demonstrate a wide range of student work. Students control the selection of portfolio content and material. Unlike standardized tests portfolios are direct indicators of a student's learning experiences. Portfolios allow teachers and parents to share real display of a student's performance without interpretation of test scores. Portfolios provide a natural medium for teacher-pupil discussions and the customization of individual learning experiences and goals. Comprehensive portfolios, maintained over a period of time, can exhibit comparisons of student work and illustrations of growth. Portfolios can grow and carry into the learners work life beyond the school environment. An increasingly self-reliant work force is evolving at an ever increasing pace. Today's technology allows electronic portfolios to be one career tool for life long learners in today's workplace."