"The American flag represents all of us and all the values we hold sacred"


"AMERICANS WE" is the title of a popular patriotic tune by Henry Fillmore. The original title was "To all of us". Being an American is not defined by your complexion, gender, or sexuality. It is defined by a unique culture, namely the American Way. It is defined by your love to the greatest nation on earth when it comes to freedom and liberty. It is defined by certain virtues and values. It is defined by a common history and a process towards a more perfect union. It is defined by being free!



No matter where you or your ancestors came from, if you are an U.S. Citizen you are an American. Period. We are united in our love for our great nation. Anyone who disagree on this may be supported by those cowards who were trying to take our freedoms away back in 2001.

U.S. Citizens of white origin have their roots in Europe. Cities like St. Louis and New Orleans are of French origin. All thirteen colonies were under British control until we have declared our Independence. All U.S. Citizens of white origin who can trace back their origin to Colonial America are so called "WASP", an acronym which stands for White Anglo Saxons Protestants. The largest group among U.S. Citizens of white origin are those with German roots if you take the immigration history into consideration. It is said that they were able to assimilate fast into the Corpus America. The second largest group are those who have Irish roots. One famous American with Irish roots was President John F. Kennedy. U.S. Citizens of black heritage have their roots in Africa. They were usually brought against their will to the "New World". The first ship that brought their ancestors to America landed in Jamestown in 1619. Just like U.S. Citizens of white heritage they usually have not much in common with their place of origin. They are Americans who follow an American Way of Life and live American values. Other U.S. Citizens of black heritage have their roots in the Carribean.



U.S. Citizens of Native American roots were often treated unfair in the course of our history. However, today U.S. Citizens of Native American roots do have an exceptional position in our society as someone can observe in reservations for Native Americans.

U.S. Citizens of Hispanic origin have their roots in Latin- Central- and South America. Most of them are bilingual, speaking English and Spanish. There are other U.S. Citizens as well who have a different background. Those countrymen enjoy the same freedoms and protections as any other citizen as well.