⋆Im Englischen gibt es nicht nur die Konjunktion "and" (und)

Konjunktionen sind Bindewörter


Deutsche Konjunktionen wären z.B.

und, sowie, nachdem...

Man unterscheidet:

1.Conjunctions of Time

2.Conjunctions of Reason

3.Conjunctions of Purpose

4.Conjunctions of Condition

5.Other Conjunctions

1.Conjunctions of Time   Example
after nachdem I went home after i had been to church
before bevor Susan had learned really hard before she wrote this good mark
as soon as sobald I will get to you as soon as possible
since seit They have been here since 1980
when wenn, als He graduated from school when he was 16.
whenever immer wenn She always goes shopping whenever she is in New York City.

2.Conjunctions of






I work because I need money


da, weil I left this town since there are a lot of earthquakes.

3.Conjunctions of



so dass

so that I went home so that i was able to watch the game. 

um zu

in order to She flew to Paris in order to sell her parfeum. 



4.Conjunctions of



as long as



I will stay with you as long as you love me. 

even if

selbst wenn

I always try to do my homework even if I don´t understand the exercise.

5. Other Conjunctions

obwohl although  
als ob as if