The engravings - Paul Revere


"Unhappy Boston! See thy sons deplore,
Thy Hallow'd Walks, besmear'd with guiltless Gore:
While faithless P&mdash—n and his savage Bands,
With murd'rous Rancour stretch their bloody Hands;
Like fierce Barbarians grinning o'er their Prey,
Approve the Carnage, and enjoy the Day.
If scalding drops from Rage from Anguish Wrung
If speechless Sorrows lab'ring for a Tongue,
Or if a weeping World can aught appease
The plaintive Ghosts of Victims such as these;
The Patriot's copious Tears for each are shed,
A glorious Tribute which embalms the Dead
But know, Fate summons to that awful Goal
Where Justice strips the Murderer of his Soul:
Should Venal C——ts the scandal of the Land,
Snatch the relentless Villain from her Hand,
Keen Execrations on this Plate inscrib'd,
Shall reach a Judge who never shall be brib'd."