This website is about federal holidays in the United States.

Each holiday has its own characteristics. According to a recent statement, made by Martin Luther Kings nephew, Martin Luther King´s day should be a day to help other Americans in need, following the example of Dr. Martin Luther King.


President´s day should be a day where we remember all the great achievements of former U.S. Presidents.


Memorial Day is a holiday where we remember our fallen heroes in the Armed Forces. It is a holiday to display our flag.


Independence Day is our highest holiday. It is a day to show Patriotism, joining parades all over the country, having a BBQ with loved ones while we listen to patriotic songs to honor the gifts of America.


Invite your loved ones for Thanksgiving, and don´t forget to bring a little gift to their house. Thanksgiving is a very American holiday to show your appreciation of family and unity.

Datum Feiertag
1.Januar New Years Day
Dritter Montag im Januar Martin Luther King Jr.´day
Dritter Montag im Februar President´s day
Letzter Montag im Mai Memorial Day                         
4. Juli Independence Day
Erster Montag im September Labor Day
11 September* Patriot´s Day*
12. Oktober Columbus Day
Vierter Donnerstag im November       Thanksgiving
25. Dezember Christmas

Federal Holidays:

(Gesetzliche Feiertage in den Vereinigten Staaten)

Source: www.usa.gov

Bis auf Behörden und Banken sind in der Regel die Geschäfte an den Feiertagen geöffnet.