The Autobahn should always be your first choice if you want to get the real German experience. You may want to legally speed up as Germany is the only country in the world without any speed limit on most parts of the Autobahn. If you prefer things more smoothly, you can discover the nation´s beautiful landscape, richly decorated with forests, broad corn fields and small unique German style towns. Car rentals are available at every airport and in every major German city. Just take into consideration that the driving rules are slightly different in Germany. You are not allowed to pass someone on the right lane once you are on the Autobahn. Looking for the fast lane? Merge to the left.

Getting around places is quite easy in Germany thanks to the good railroad infrastructure. If you want to get from one city to the other without renting a car, you can always check for some great deals with German Railways. The most convenient way to purchase tickets for "Deutsche Bahn" is to download their app Navigator.