⋆The Age of Colonization⋆


In 1607, King James I of England granted a charter to a group of entrepreneurs called the London Company. They established with the foundation of Jamestown the first permanent settlement in the New World.


Their leader was Captain John Smith, who became actively involved with the London Company to colonize Virginia for profit. In 1608 he became president of Jamestown council.


Plymouth Colony


Plymouth Colony was one of the earliest succesfull colonies, founded by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620.


Who were the Pilgrim Fathers and why did they come to America?


The Pilgrim Fathers were Separatists and Anglicans who came to the New World because they sought religious freedom.

Separatists or Independents broke from the Church of England illegally because they were severely critical of the Church of England. After they had broken from the Church of England, they felt the pressures of religious persecution.


102 passengers, separatists, adventures and Anglicans sailed off from Plymouth in the southwestern England on the ship Mayflower in September.

The ship was originally bound for the mouth of the Hudson River but went off course, and landed in Cape Cod in present-day Massachusetts.


10 years later, a larger group of settlers arrived in New England, the Puritans.


The TULIP acronym describes pretty good the Puritans belief, which inself is part of Calvins teachings


T)  Total Depravity

sin is part of man´s existence

In Adam´s fall we sinned all


U) Unconditional Election

who, what time, and how god saves someone remains his secret, thus, is mysterious for Puritans.

you cannot influence his choice.


L) Limited Atonement

This states that Jesus Christ came and died for a limited number of people.

Therefore, not for everyone.


I) Irrestible Grace

When god calls his elected to salvation, they cannot resist.


P) Perseverance of the Saints

Once you´re elected, you cannot lose salvation.