⋆Translatio Imperii⋆




The term was established in medieval times in Europe and is a concept to explain world history. Its origin can be found in the Old Testament's book of Daniel. It tells of the prophet Daniel's interpretation of a dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. God explains him that his kingdom was the golden one, and the first of four kingdoms. The others are the silver, bronze and iron one,  and after the downfall of the last one, God himself would establish his own, eternal kingdom. According to philosophers the United States can be seen as the last and iron empire of Translatio Imperii.

Translatio Imperii derived from latin and means "transfer of rule/ transfer of empire"and goes hand in hand with Translatio studii which means "transfer of knowledge". Furthermore, all empires moved westwards. Jerusalem - Greece - Roman Empire - (UK) - United States.


Translatio Imperii also implies that civilization is brought to the west, and therefore justifes the Westward Movement and Manifest Destiny.