This section serves as a travel guide to Germany for any English speaking traveler. This section depicts sights of Germany such as Neuschwanstein Castle and the Cologne Cathedral. It also introduces some sights of German American history such as Checkpoint Charlie.



Located in west-central Europe, the country stretches from the Alps to the North and Baltic Sea. The nation´s territory covers 137.847 square miles, consisting of 3011 square miles of waters. Discover the unique spirit of Germany, or start your European vacation right here since the country shares borders with nine other countries:


In the north: Denmark

In the east: Poland and the Czech Republic

In the south: Switzerland and Austria

In the southeast: France and Belgium

In the west: Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The physical geography of Germany has four major sections. The mountainous highlands in the south, the prealpine lands, the low mountain range between the mountainous south and the flat north, and the flatlands in the north. Germany´s highest peak is the Zugspitze (2962 m) which is located in the Alps. Forests cover almost a third of the country´s total surface. The Rhine, which is located in the very West, is the longest river, followed by the Elbe as the country´s second largest.