Northern States and German Islands

"Nirgends rauschen die Laubwälder süßer und erquickender als am kahlen Stand, wo keine sind."

-Gerhart Hauptmann-

The North German Lowland (Norddeutsches Tiefland) spreads from the North and Baltic seas southwards to the foreland of the Central German Uplands (Deutsches Mittelgebirge). It is part of the Great European Plain.

The region can be further divided into


marshland and coastal areas,

moraine regions, formed by Glacial action (newly formed top moraine regions and regions that had been formed by Glaciers before the last ice age), and

loess regions that spread to the foreland of the Central German Uplands.


The newly formed top moraine regions are characterized by many lakes, formed by Glaciers. Furthermore, the most fertile soils in Germany can be found here.